Key Features

  • Seamless security, OAuth social authentication and role based access privilege authorization.
  • Standards based code structure, easy to understand and customize.
  • Easy setup, member management and built-in integrations.
  • Facebook and Google login, login activity logs and session management.
  • Support of MS SQL Server and MySQL database.


Security is a paramount priority in our system. Rigorous measures have been implemented to safeguard against common vulnerabilities, including protection against SQL injection, CSRF attacks, and XSS attacks. The system adopts a robust framework of token-based authentication and authorization, ensuring that only authorized users can access and interact with the system. These advanced security features collectively create a fortified environment, minimizing risks and upholding the integrity of user data and system functionality.

Easy customization

The code architecture is meticulously crafted, reflecting a sleek and modular design. It is intelligently separated into distinct layers, facilitating a clear understanding of its structure and promoting ease of customization.

This intentional design ensures that the codebase is not only easy to understand but also allows for straightforward enhancements and maintenance. The thoughtful organization of the code promotes scalability and adaptability, providing a solid foundation for ongoing development and ensuring that the system can evolve seamlessly with changing requirements.


User management

Administrators possess the capability to efficiently manage user roles by creating users and roles through the admin panel, assigning specific roles to individual users. Additionally, users benefit from the convenience of logging in using their Facebook or Google social media accounts, streamlining the authentication process. This dual functionality empowers administrators with comprehensive control over user management, while users enjoy the flexibility of utilizing their preferred social media credentials for quick and secure access to the system.

Access management

Role and individual user based privilege control authorization. Admin can forcefully logout users from panel. Admin can also manage page and action level setup. It’s also allow user to login with specific IP Address only.

Access management


By default, the application comes with English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. You can add a new language in just minutes.

Let's try the demo and explore all the features.

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Functional Feature

  • Integrated with AdminLTE Theme, 100% responsive, works well in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
  • Facebook and Google OAuth login integrated.
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Add, Update and Delete User and Role.
  • User Listing with server side pagination, filtering and sorting.
  • Multi Language Support
  • Setup multiple Email SMTP setting.
  • Setup multiple Email Template with dynamic Parameters.
  • Option to send email via SMTP.
  • Add, Update, Delete and Listing Control Panel Pages/Screen and Action.
  • Admin can Setup Page(Screen) and Action mapping.
  • Admin can view Current Online Users and forcefully logout online user.
  • Manage Application Setting Parameter from UI.
  • You can view Application Error Logs from UI.
  • You can view user login activity.
  • User can manage User profile.
  • Admin Can Reset User password from panel.
  • Quick start Guide Documentation to add new features

Technical Features

    .Net Core
  • Generic Repository Pattern
  • Unit of work Patterns
  • Real Time Notification Using SignalR
  • Uses Swagger for API documentation
  • Dependency Injection
  • MediatR Pattern for clean controller
  • Standard Naming conventions
  • JWT Token Based Authentication and Claim Based Authorization
  • Less coupling and Easier reuse
  • Single Responsibility Principle
  • Open/closed principle, All Methods are Async/Await
  • Generic way to Handle REST API Status code, Validate Rest Request Entity with Fluent API
  • Store Logging info into Database using NLOG, Client and Server side validation, CORS Settings
  • Angular
  • Separate each feature modules, Fully strongly type, Lazy loading
  • Common Shared and Core Module, State Management with NGRX Data
  • Generic Service for Pagination, Filtering and Sorting
  • Easy to add new feature module,
  • Easy to upgrade into latest version, Generic Error Handling
  • Common HTTP Interceptor to set REST API URL and Loading indicator

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