Quick Statistics of total sales, purchase, sales return purchase return.

  • Monthly best selling products chart.
  • Calendar with reminder scheduler.
  • Latest inquiry List.
  • Recent sales order expected shipment.
  • Recent purchase order expected delivery


Manage all products with brand, category, unit, sales price, purchase price, taxes and image.

  • Brand
  • Category
  • Unit
  • Sales price
  • Purchas price
  • Taxes


Effectively managing suppliers necessitates a centralized database for accurate billing and shipping details. Clear communication channels and collaboration platforms ensure smooth interactions. Regular audits maintain data accuracy, and adherence to contractual agreements fosters reliable supply chain operations. Thorough record-keeping facilitates efficient financial management, promoting transparency and trust with suppliers.

  • Billing address.
  • Shipping address.


Managing all your customers' details involves maintaining a comprehensive and organized database that includes key information about each customer. This database typically includes contact details, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Purchase Order

  • Manage purchase order with multiple products and tax, discount, quantity and price
  • Generate/print purchase order invoice/receipt.
  • Create multiple purchase order from purchase order request/quotes.
  • Manage purchase order payments.
  • Return specific item from existing purchase order and generate/print invoice/receipt.
  • Receive automated notification/email on delivery date of purchase order.

Sales Order

  • Manage sales order with multiple products and tax, discount, quantity and price.
  • Generate/print sales order invoice/receipt.
  • Manage sales order payments.
  • Return specific item from existing sales order and generate/print invoice/receipt.
  • Receive automated notification/email on shipment date of sales order.

Unit Conversion

Creating sales orders or purchase orders with different units while managing inventory in a base unit requires a robust inventory management system. In this setup, you can transact sales and purchases using various units of measurement, providing flexibility for different stakeholders.

For example, a sales order may specify quantities in different units (e.g., boxes, units, or kilograms), and a corresponding purchase order can be created accordingly. However, the inventory management system should automatically convert and manage all quantities back to the base unit for accurate tracking and control of stock levels. This ensures consistency in inventory management, preventing discrepancies and facilitating streamlined operations.

Implementing such a system enhances efficiency and precision in handling diverse units of measurement within the sales and purchase processes while maintaining accurate inventory records in a standardized base unit.


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Warehouse Management

Generating a stock report by warehouse or product is crucial for effective inventory management. This report provides valuable insights into the current stock levels and helps optimize stock distribution.


Product inventory is automatically manage by purchase and sale orders with average sales, purchase price and stock. adjust stock inventory by adding manually.

View All purchase, sale, purchase return and sales return history with unit per price.



Efficiently managing all company expenses involves a systematic approach that includes categorizing expenditures and organizing corresponding receipts. Establishing a detailed expense tracking system allows for accurate financial records and analysis. Each expense should be categorized by type (e.g., travel, utilities, supplies) for better budgeting and cost analysis.

Additionally, attaching receipts to corresponding transactions ensures proper documentation and compliance with financial regulations. Utilizing expense management software can streamline this process, providing a centralized platform for recording, categorizing, and storing expenses, ultimately contributing to better financial transparency and decision-making within the organization. Regular reviews and audits of these records help identify cost-saving opportunities and maintain financial accuracy.


Keep track of all inquiries and manage it’s activities that have been generated from different sources. you can also set reminder on specific date to get notification or email to user.



  • Purchase order report
  • Sales order report
  • Purchase order payment report
  • Sales order payment report
  • Expense report
  • Sales Vs Purchase report.
  • Product Purchase Report
  • Product Sales Report
  • Stock Report
  • Sales Vs Purchase Report
  • Supplier Payment Report
  • Customer Payment Report

Reminder Scheduler

Implementing a recurring reminder system in the inquiry management process allows users to schedule and automate regular follow-up tasks, ensuring that essential activities associated with each inquiry are consistently addressed. This feature enhances organization and reduces the risk of oversights by prompting users with notifications or emails at predefined intervals. By seamlessly integrating with calendars and task management tools, the system facilitates efficient tracking and monitoring of recurring activities, contributing to improved responsiveness and overall effectiveness in managing inquiries and associated tasks.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly
  • One time
multi language

Support Multiple Language

Supporting multiple languages is crucial for expanding the accessibility and user base of any system or platform. This feature enables users to interact with the interface, content, and communication in their preferred language, fostering inclusivity and a personalized user experience. Additionally, it broadens the reach of the system to diverse global audiences, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

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