File & Folder Upload

Enabling users to upload unlimited files and folders provides a flexible and scalable approach for data management. This feature allows users to seamlessly store and organize their digital assets without arbitrary restrictions on quantity. With the capability to upload an unlimited number of files and folders, users can efficiently manage and access their data, fostering a user-friendly and unrestricted experience for organizing and storing diverse types of content.


Files & Folders Sharing

Files & Folders Sharing is a collaborative practice that enhances teamwork by allowing multiple users to access and work on the same digital content simultaneously. This process, facilitated by permission settings, ensures secure access control, enabling individuals or groups to view, edit, or delete files based on their designated permissions. The convenience of anytime, anywhere access to shared content fosters efficiency and flexibility, promoting seamless collaboration among users across different devices and locations.

File Preview

File Preview allows users to view the content of files without fully opening them, offering a quick overview of the document's contents.

YourDrive supports most common formats. For example, you can preview the following file types:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • image
  • Text
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PPT
share via link

Share using Link

You have the flexibility to share documents seamlessly using a unique link, extending access beyond system users. This link-sharing feature allows you to enhance security and control by setting a password for added protection, specifying an expiry date to manage access duration, and determining download options according to your preferences. Whether collaborating with external stakeholders or ensuring controlled document access, this versatile functionality empowers you to customize sharing parameters for a tailored and secure document-sharing experience.

Copy & Move

Effortlessly manage your digital assets with the ability to copy or move files and folders within the system. This intuitive functionality provides users with the flexibility to duplicate or relocate content seamlessly, facilitating organized data structuring and efficient workflows. Whether it's creating backups, reorganizing project files, or optimizing data storage, the copy or move feature streamlines file management, ensuring users can adapt their document structure to evolving needs with ease and precision.


File Versioning

The system seamlessly handles file uploads with identical names by automatically maintaining version control. This feature ensures that each iteration of the file is preserved, allowing users to review and, if necessary, restore older versions to the current state. Whether it's tracking changes for collaborative projects or safeguarding against inadvertent modifications, the system's versioning capability provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for effective file management and historical tracking.

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Retrieve your data with ease — from the system, you can effortlessly download multiple files or folders while preserving the original hierarchical structure in which they were uploaded. This intuitive functionality streamlines the retrieval process, ensuring that the downloaded content mirrors the organization and arrangement familiar to users during the upload. Whether recovering data for backup purposes or accessing project-related files, this feature optimizes user experience by maintaining consistency in the downloaded structure.

Real Time Update

Real Time Update

Sharing files or folders is a seamless process in our system—once shared, the content automatically becomes visible to the intended users. This automatic visibility feature ensures that shared files and folders are instantly accessible to the designated recipients, fostering efficient communication and collaboration. Whether collaborating on projects, sharing important documents, or facilitating team workflows, the system's automatic visibility simplifies the sharing experience, eliminating unnecessary steps and enhancing the overall user experience.

Powerful Search

You can search uploaded or shared files and folders by name in the system.



Users have the ability to add and view multiple comments directly on the file. This collaborative feature facilitates effective communication, allowing individuals to share insights, provide feedback, or engage in discussions related to the file's content. The comment section serves as a dynamic space for users to exchange ideas, ask questions, or offer suggestions, enhancing teamwork and fostering a transparent and communicative environment within the document management system.

Send Email

Within the system, you can seamlessly send documents via email directly. This integrated feature eliminates the need to switch between platforms, providing a convenient and efficient way to share important files with recipients. Whether you're collaborating with team members, sharing documents with clients, or sending information externally, the system's built-in email functionality simplifies the process, saving time and enhancing overall

send email
mobile view

Mobile Compatible

Our system is designed to be 100% responsive, ensuring optimal functionality across a diverse range of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. This responsiveness guarantees a seamless user experience regardless of the device being used. Whether you're accessing the system on a smartphone during a meeting, on a tablet while on the go, or on a desktop for more extensive tasks, our platform adapts to provide consistent performance and usability, meeting your needs across various devices.

User Permission

Administrators wield powerful control over user permissions within the system. They can precisely configure permissions for each user, dictating actions such as uploading files, creating folders, copying, moving, and generating shared links. This granular control ensures a tailored user experience, allowing administrators to align system access with individual responsibilities, promoting security, and optimizing collaboration within the organization.


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