Document By Category

Efficiently categorize and quantify resources based on specific topics or themes, providing a structured overview and easy access to relevant information.


The calendar feature is comprehensive, offering a range of reminder options including daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, and yearly intervals. This functionality ensures that users can schedule and view reminders at various frequencies, helping them stay organized and on top of important tasks, events, or deadlines. Whether it's a daily to-do list, weekly meetings, monthly reports, or longer-term projects, the calendar provides a versatile tool for managing reminders across different timeframes, contributing to effective time management and task prioritization.


Manage Documents

The document management system provides a user-friendly platform where you can effortlessly store an unlimited number of documents. The intuitive organization system allows you to categorize and subcategorize documents, ensuring a structured and easily navigable repository. Whether it's project-related files, contracts, reports, or any other document type, this feature facilitates efficient document storage, retrieval, and management, offering a scalable solution to accommodate the diverse needs of your organization.

This feature offers a versatile and efficient solution for managing and accessing your documents. It ensures that crucial information is effortlessly searchable and promptly available whenever required. By providing the capability to categorize and subcategorize documents, the system enables users to uphold a well-structured and organized digital repository. This not only facilitates seamless document retrieval but also promotes superior document management practices within your organization, contributing to enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows.

Upload Documents

Document management system supports a wide range of file formats, allowing you to upload various types of documents. You can easily upload PDF files, Word documents (Docs), Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations (PPT), audio files, video files, images in different formats, plain text files, and CSV (Comma-Separated Values) documents.

This diverse compatibility ensures that you can store and manage different types of content within a single platform, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your document storage needs.

Whether you need to manage textual information, multimedia content, or tabular data, our system accommodates a broad range of file formats for seamless document handling.


Document access control

Document management system offers a flexible and powerful feature that allows you to assign documents to specific users or roles, for either a designated period of time or an unlimited duration. This functionality enables you to control access and permissions for different individuals or groups within your organization.

You can assign documents to users or roles based on their responsibilities, projects, or departments, ensuring that the right individuals have access to the relevant information. you have the ability to configure the download options for assigned documents.

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Document Audit trails

The system boasts a powerful document audit trail feature, offering a thorough record of document details and activities. This functionality allows you to meticulously track the entire lifecycle of a document. From its creation to subsequent edits, views, and permissions assignments, the audit trail captures critical information.

This includes identifying the creator, editors, viewers, and users or roles with assigned permissions. Such a comprehensive audit trail ensures transparency and accountability in document management, enabling organizations to meet compliance standards, enhance security, and gain insights into document interactions and usage patterns.


Document Preview

Our document management system provides a robust preview feature, enabling you to seamlessly preview a diverse array of uploaded file types. From audio and video files to images, text documents, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents, our system supports extensive file preview capabilities. This ensures that users can quickly and conveniently assess the content of various file formats without the need to open each file individually, enhancing efficiency and user experience in document management.

Document Versioning

Document Versioning empowers you to upload and manage multiple versions of a document seamlessly. This crucial functionality guarantees a transparent history of document revisions, allowing you to effortlessly access and retrieve older versions as needed. Whether tracking changes, reviewing historical edits, or ensuring compliance with specific document versions, this feature enhances control and visibility over the evolution of your documents within the system.

By offering the ability to see and restore older versions of documents, our system promotes efficient document management and safeguards against accidental data loss or unwanted changes. It empowers you to maintain accurate records, track document evolution, and collaborate with confidence, knowing that you can easily access and restore previous versions as needed.


Comments on document

The Comments feature facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling users to provide feedback, share insights, and engage in discussions directly within the document. Whether suggesting edits, seeking clarification, or sharing thoughts, this functionality streamlines interactive collaboration among team members. It enhances efficiency by consolidating communication within the document, fostering a dynamic and communicative environment that contributes to the overall effectiveness of collaborative efforts.

Send Email with document

The document management system streamlines the sharing process by enabling you to effortlessly send emails with system documents attached directly from within the system. This feature enhances efficiency by eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Please note that, currently, integration with Gmail and Microsoft Account is not available due to the requirement of two-factor authentication. Nevertheless, the system provides a seamless email attachment functionality, ensuring a convenient and straightforward approach to document sharing within the system.


Automate Reminder

Reminder feature allows you to set recurring reminders at various intervals to help you stay organized and on top of important tasks and deadlines. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, or specific date reminder, our system provides flexible options to suit your needs.

With this functionality, you can easily configure reminders both at the system level and on individual documents. By setting reminders, you ensure that you receive timely notifications or email alerts, keeping you informed about upcoming deadlines, reviews, renewals, or any other important milestones related to your documents.

Access management

Document management system offers a robust privilege control authorization feature that allows you to define and manage access privileges based on roles and individual user permissions. This ensures that the right people have the appropriate level of access to documents within the system.


User & Role management

Administrators wield effortless control over user and role management within the system. This powerful functionality enables admins to create, oversee, and manage users and roles seamlessly. With a user-friendly interface, administrators can easily navigate through user accounts, assign roles, and ensure that access permissions align with organizational requirements. This robust administrative capability ensures a streamlined and efficient process for user and role management, empowering administrators with the tools they need to maintain an organized and secure document management environment.

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